Private Kindergarten

Our program provides a valuable Kindergarten experience for your child and the following benefits:

Academics – We have a comprehensive curriculum, A BEKA, that builds both strong character and academic excellence. As you follow your child’s progress through the year, you will be thrilled to see your child learn the basics in reading, writing, and numbers. We also teach patriotism and the true meaning of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.
Class Size – Our class size is limited so your child will receive more one-on-one attention.

Extended Care – We offer the convenience of quality care from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., so that your child remains cared for in a safe, nurturing environment when the academic day is completed.

Computers – Each elementary classroom is equipped with two computers. In addition, the Springfield Academy has a twelve station computer lab to help children develop skills in technology and to enhance their education.

Dedicated Teachers – All of our elementary teachers are certified teachers. They have Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education.


Kindergarten Curriculum


Number Recognition 1-100

Writing & Counting 1-100

Number Concepts 1-100 Numbers Before & After 1-100

Counting & Writing by 10’s to 100 Numbers Smallest & Largest 1-100

Counting & Writing by 5’s to 100 Values of Coins & Dollar Bill

Counting & Writing by 2’s to 100 Number Sequences by Ones Using Number Words 1-10

Telling Time

Using the Calendar Days of the Week

Addition Facts through 10 Beginning Subtraction

One-Step Story Problems in Addition

Letter & Sound Recognition of Long Vowel Sounds and Consonants

Letter & Sound Recognition of Short Vowel Sounds and Consonants

Sounding of Blends, One- and Two-Vowel Words, and Special Words

Beginning Phonics Rules and Special Sounds

Reading of Sentences and Stories with One- and Two-Vowel Words

Recognition of Sentences by Capital Letters and Periods

Thirteen Poems Committed to Memory

Cursive Writing of Letters, Blends, Words, and Sentences

Writing First and Last Name

God’s Plan for Seeds

God’s Plan for Animals

God’s Plan for the Seashore

God’s Plan for Me

God’s Plan for Weather

God’s Plan for Seasons

Community Helpers Children of the World

America: Our Great Country (map studies, famous Americans, and places)

Creative Art






Creative Rhythms

Choral Speaking




Lessons: Creation, Noah, Samuel, Daniel, Baby Jesus, etc,..

Encourage Cleaning their Plate

Sitting at the Table Properly

Blessing Before Meals and Snacks Using Napkins

Saying “Please” and “Thank you”

Not Leaving Before Excused

Washing Hands Before Eating/Using the Restroom

Covering Mouth when Coughing or Sneezing

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