Parent Benefits


 Vacation Time


Springfield Academy and Spring ‘N’ Dale Private Schools realizes the importance of family time. Each year your child will be granted a tuition-free week of vacation per calendar year (January 1 through December 31st). Your child is eligible for vacation after six months of enrollment.


Referral Program


Share with friends and family about Springfield Academy and Spring ‘N’ Dale Private Schools and receive a free week of tuition after your referral has been enrolled for six months.


Family Discounts


If you have more than one child enrolled in our program you are eligible for the following discounted tuition rates:


Families with two children enrolled in our program will receive a 15% discount off the oldest child’s tuition.


Families with three children will receive a 20% discount off the oldest child’s tuition and 15% discount off the second to oldest child’s tuition.


We Provide Snacks and Meals


Nutritious snacks and hot lunches are included in our program cost. A monthly menu of meals and snacks is available in the office at the first of the month.


Optional Breakfast Program: In a rush and unable to make breakfast in the morning? Springfield Academy serves breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 7:20 a.m. for an additional charge of $30.00 per month.


Communication and Parent Involvement


We recognize the importance of parent involvement and steady communication. Your child’s teacher will serve as your partner in ensuring your child is growing socially, mentally, verbally, and physically.


You are invited to visit your child anytime, join us on field trips and attend special school events. Our door is always open to our parents.


You will receive a newsletter “The Nutshell” every other month during the school year to keep you informed of upcoming special activities and events. “The Nutshell” includes some of the educational goals being set within the class, information about field trips, Show and Tell, and much more!


Report cards are sent out on a quarterly basis during the school year and will be sent home the week following the grading period. Contact your child’s teacher if you would like additional information or to request a conference.


Tax Benefits


To obtain a letter stating your yearly total for child care, please submit a written request to the office which includes the following information: your name, child’s name, and current address. Please allow two weeks for processing.


For more information regarding the tax benefits of child care, please contact the Internal Revenue Service or your tax representative.

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